Housing Campus

Vets4Vets is currently working on the development of a large project that will house homeless Veterans and their families in order to successfully rehabilitate them to independent living. Not only do we plan on giving them a place to live, we are going to give them a place to flourish and use the skills they already have a make a difference in their community.

We will identify and provide appropriate services in collaboration with our partners. We will provide positive opportunities for Veterans in need and our ultimate goal is for these Veterans to achieve independent living, sustained wellness, and maximize their ability to be productive members of society.

We truly believe we can create a positive, supportive, and flourishing environment for homeless Veterans and their families in Southern Illinois. The community that we create will be a program that states and communities will want to replicate all over the United States.

The campus is near John A. Logan Community College and Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge, six miles from Marion V.A. Medical Center. Phase 1 will be ready soon.

Until phase 1 Is completed Veterans are struggling with:

  • Keeping their utilities on
  • Paying their rent
  • Food
  • Winter clothing
  • Keeping their vehicles running, licensed & insured

When someone serves their country they should come home to a job and a home, don’t you agree? Too many returning veterans lose their way, end up homeless, jobless, and with broken dreams. Unbelievably there are thousands in Southern Illinois alone!

Together with our private sector partners, we are creating a Housing Campus right here in Southern Illinois for:

  • Veterans and their families, regardless of circumstance
  • Families of those deployed overseas
  • Families of fallen hero’s

Here’s how you can help now. By giving a tax deductible donation below. The need is great and every dollar is very important to one of the Veterans we help. Please give and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.